Rich Beck has experienced the challenges and realities of private sector life first-hand, and understands how to spark community growth.


    Rich has spent the last 13 years on the Allen County Redevelopment Commission, just finishing his 10th year as President. Under his leadership, the Walmart Dairy Center, Stone Bridge Industrial Park and Bluffton Road Corridor were all established. Rich also helped B.F. Goodrich, General Mills and XPO Logistics expand, bringing more quality jobs to our community.


    Rich never aspired to be a politician. He believes that in spite of what career politicians may say, government cannot create jobs. Instead, government should clear hurdles, foster a growth-friendly commercial environment, and stay connected to the people it serves.


    For the last 40 years, Rich has been a reserve Allen County Sheriff’s Deputy, most recently as the Deputy Chief of Operations. He has also been on the Allen County Economic Development Commission and served on the Boards of the Allen County Library Corporation and the Anthony Wayne Foundation, as well as the Indiana Tech School of Business’ Advisory Board.


    A career spent in banking has given Rich a deep appreciation for “Finite Resources.” He considers your tax dollars a finite resource, and he knows how to make smart, responsible decisions that get the most out of the county’s existing resources.

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